Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution means: one of the different methods invoked to solve disputes among disputed parties, including conciliation, negotiation, arbitration, complaint and lawsuit. We, at ANITTA & ADONA LLP, advice our clients to find out appropriate legal remedy according to the circumstances after analyzing their case in hand. 

Tort Law

Cyberdefamation, also referred to as online defamation, is when someone is falsely accused of something online. Libel is the act of making a potentially defamatory statement online or through social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, that involves the written (or “posted”) word. The internet and social media are definitely beneficial for individuals and society as a whole in terms of growth and development, but they also serve as a particularly potent breeding ground for potentially defamatory claims.

Many people have come to realise how easy it is for people to express their opinions on the internet. There are a lot of intriguing websites on the internet where someone could unintentionally or purposely publish or leave a comment that could be construed as defamatory. such as public remarks, letters to the editor of local newspapers, on media (i.e., newspaper or magazine) web sites, blogs and comments to blog postings or on the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and chat groups on WhatsApp.

Intellectual Property Rights

We at ANITTA & ADONA LLP advice our clients for – registering copyright, patent and trademark, Geographical Indications, Information Technology and Cybercrimes, Data Protection, suit for injunction against copyright violation, suit for patent violation, suit for infringement of trademark, suit for passing-off, rights of Industrial Designs, rights of layout/designs of Integrated Circuits, rights Biotechnology and Plant Varieties. Appeals against the rejection of application of trademark, patent and copyright.

Family Law

Family Law deals with issues relating to marriage, registration of marriage of Indian and foreigner, divorce, maintenance, suits for past maintenance, injunction against second marriage, suit for damages against spouse of adultery, domestic violence, property disputes, suit for custody of children, adoption, surrogacy, minority, guardianship, adoption of India children by foreign parents, adoption deed, issuance of birth & death certificate by Indian authorities for the person living in a foreign country, suits for partition of properties. It comprises of a set of personal laws namely – Hindu Law (for all Hindus including Jains, Sikhs and Buddhist), Christian Law, Parsi Law, Muslim Law and Special Law (with the Special Marriage Act) and along with the Divorce Act, 1869, the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, the Family Courts Act, 1984, the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and the Code of Criminal Procedure. 

Aviation Law

The primary domestic legislation governing Aviation law in India is the Aircraft Act 1934. This legislation regulates the export, import, use, sale, manufacture, and operation of civil aircrafts. For registration, license and airworthiness fall under the Aircraft Rules 1937 which applies to aircrafts registered in India and those present in India. We advise our clients for purchasing and selling aircrafts, airport licenses, entry passes & permits, various issues related to airport tender processes & appeals.

Consumer Dispute

Fair trade competence and providing the best to the consumers is the motive behind consumer dispute regulations. Its main focus is on the wellbeing of the consumer and prevents fraudulent practices to overcome competitors. Governed by the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (Consumer Protection Act), Consumer Protection Act include Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules, 2020, Consumer Protection (Mediation) Regulations, 2020, the Consumer Protection (Consumer Dispute Redressal Commissions) Rules, 2020 and the Consumer Protection (General) Rules, 2020 safety of the consumers with respect to drugs, food and cosmetics is prioritized.

Service Law and Employment

It is important in a country like India to regulate employer- employee relationship involving wages, retrenchment, union disputes, hour laws etc. Occupying a significant area in the concurrent list of Indian Constitution, labor law focuses on maintenance of attendance logs, providing hygienic and health, support to labor records of overtime wages, filing of annual returns etc. along with appointment, suspension, dismissal, domestic enquiry and compensation for permanent termination.

Medical Negligence & Malpractices

Medical industry being a virtuous sector cannot be claimed to be immune to negligence and with the development of civilization negligence has become an actionable act. A fast augmenting legal sphere, medical negligence and accident claims are monitored mainly by the Code of Civil Procedure and Consumer protection Act 

Major medical negligence may include– birth injuries including Brachial plexus palsy, Cerebral Palsy,  Skull Fractures, Brain Damage, Spinal Cord Injuries,  leaving any sort of instrument inside the body of the patient after surgery, premature discharge, failure to diagnose maternal diabetes, infection or preeclampsia, newborn cephalohematoma or jaundice, Kernicterus,  incompetence to prescribe pertinent tests and act on the reports of the same, unwarranted openings or cuts in the patient’s body, bedsores, fatal injection by hospital staff, pressure ulcers and providing incorrect medicine prescription. Transplantation of an infected organ or donor’s blood type being incompatible with the recipients blood type both of which may result in organ rejection, organ failure or even death come under the purview of medical negligence. 

Immigration and Visa Law

People move from one country to another for a number of reasons which may include economical arrears, religion, relationships or political factors. In our country the Constitutional provisions (Articles 5 to 11 in Part-II of the Constitution of India) have command over the legalities of the citizenship law. The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 and the Foreigners Act, 1946 deal with law relating to visa application, visa appeal, visa cancellation, law for immigrants, National Citizenship Register etc. Obtaining visa of a country is in itself a lengthy and frantic because national security comes into play here. There have been so many instances wherein visa applications have been subject to rejection due to minute errors and this is where legal assistance is required.

Corporate Law & Incorporation of companies in India

The complex of laws, rules, regulations, and procedures is connected to corporations known as “corporate law” which controls how corporations are created and run. It is the body of law that governs the establishment of business-related legal entities. The laws have an impact on everyone who is involved in establishing, acquiring, running, and managing a corporation.

Entertainment & Media Law

The media and Entertainment industry incorporates different immense fragments including TV, films also little sections containing radio, music, and web publicizing, and is acquiring bounty importance in India. Online diversion is something colossal for telecasters. The fate of Media and Media outlets relies generally upon the development of the Indian Economy. Being an industry equivalent to innovativeness and advancement, the bar of business greatness is high. Indian broadcast business is the most reliably performing area of the M&E industry which is multiple times the size of the Indian Entertainment world. With the increment of advanced mobile phones, customers would become acclimated to espy content past the TV screen, mingling computerized committed content and creative adaptation models. The M&E business in India is conceivable to develop at a Build Yearly Development Pace of 14.3% to contract Rs. 2.26 trillion constantly in 2020.

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